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We're a team of humans, passionate about helping other unleash their potential and realize the best of their authenticity. We believe that the path to this outcome is through connecting with the wisdom of experts across a variety of disciplines and methods.



I has been our privilege to have met a wide variety of experts in our lives and had the pleasure of seeing first-hand what a huge difference wisdom can bring to our lives. Our vision is to open the doors for experts and advisors to monetize their talents by bringing value to those seeking an inward path of progress. We want to make it simple and easy for those seeking advice to connect with experts who can help them make significant leaps in their personal evolution. Our goals:

  • Empower coaches and advisors to monetize their wisdom
  • Effortlessly enable connection with the perfectly matched expert
  • Help people realize their true potential and bliss

A few words from our founder

My name is Jessica Baker, the founder of Aligned Signs, Lives Align and other startups focused on helping people achieve their full potential and authenticity.

When COVID struck in 2020, I was working on a
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